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Commonly Asked Questions

What do you serve for lunch?

On the lunch tours, we serve a picnic in the snow - a trailside lunch of hot soup, good bread, cookies and hot cider.

What should we wear?

Dogs are a very poor judge of fashion. Remember you will be outside for the whole trip. Dress accordingly. Ski clothes work well; avoid cotton. It gets wet and makes you cold. Synthetic fabrics dry easily and keep you warmer. Wool and down are good natural materials. The sleds are furnished with pillows and sleeping bags to keep you warm, but if there is any doubt about your equipment, get some chemical hand warmers to slip into your gloves and boots. Boots are preferable to sneakers, especially if you want to stand on the back of the sled. Always wear a hat; most body heat is lost through an uncovered head. Sun screen is important all times of the year as is eye protection, especially for children. Remember, you will be at a minimum of 8000' of altitude. Everything is more extreme.

What will we see?

Certain times of the winter, on certain trails, we are likely to see elk or deer as they migrate from high snow bound regions to lower, less snowy areas. Sometimes we see fox, coyote, eagles and even big horn sheep. Ravens are a common sight. They seem to be curious about the dogs. The animals vary, but you will see some of the most spectacular mountain scenery anywhere.

What will the weather be like?

Who knows ----It's winter. Assume cold.

What kind of dogs do you have?

Alaskan huskies, a generic northern working dog with a lot of physical variety. These dogs are bred to do a job, not to look a particular way. It is a type of dog more than a breed.

Are the dogs friendly? Can we pet them?

Yes, petting is encouraged.

Are my kids old enough?

We have taken kids of all ages. Only you can be the judge of whether this activity will suit your kids. Most kids just love it. Younger children will sleep through at least some of the ride. (Occasionally, adults dose on a warm day.)

How do we ride in the sleds?

The sleds can accommodate the volume equivalent of two average adults. Or two adults and a small child, or one adult and two kids, or three kids. Size is the important thing to think about. Imagine sitting in a snugly, soft bathtub.

What should we bring?

Cameras,water, warm clothes, sunscreen and eye protection.

How do I make a reservation?

The quickest way to reach us is by telephone (970) 641-1636. We have an answering machine, but if you would like to speak to a person, evenings between 6 and 8 PM MST, are best. If you do leave a message, please speak slowly and clearly when leaving your name and phone number. We try to respond in 24 hours so if you don't hear from us, we may not have gotten a clear message. Please try again or Email us at